• 17th International Boat Marine Equipment and Accessories Show
  • 14-18 June 2023
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The power of domestic production stood out at CNR Boat Show

Visitors at the CNR Eurasia Boat Show, highly acclaimed by boat enthusiasts, showed great interest in high-quality and affordable domestic production boats.
The boats and yachts produced domestically and with favorable pricing were the buzz of the CNR Eurasia Boat Show, the world's second largest exhibition in its field. Noting that locally produced boats with lengths from 4.5 meters to 45 meters were exhibited in the show, Alparslan Sirkecioğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Marine Industry Association (DENTUR), said, “We have a domestic manufacturing industry that produces high-quality boats and yachts in different price ranges to suit everyone from amateurs to professionals. Moreover, our industry makes a difference with our young designers. A remarkable example would be Numarine; they design boats up to 45 meters in length globally thanks to the distributorship system they had established from the USA to New Zealand. To top it all off, our manufacturers are very efficient in exporting their products."
“CNR Eurasia Boat Show facilitates the growth of the industry's market share.”
Stating that the CNR Eurasia Boat Show provided the opportunity for domestic producers to introduce themselves to the world and reveal the power of domestic production, Sipahioğlu continued his words saying, “High-quality production, as well as a very flexible production system, combined with cheap labor, makes domestic production seriously advantageous. Costs are kept low thanks to this flexibility. We believe that the tax system currently practiced will bring synergy to the industry paving the way for domestic production. We see great benefit in the continuation of the current system for the advancement of Turkish amateur seafaring and the spread of sea culture." Alparslan Sirkecioğlu added that 15 large domestic boat and yacht manufacturers including Numarine, Mengi Yay, San Boat, Enma, Yerli Yurt, Safter, Kaya Denizcilik, Anatolia Denizcilik, Ege Yat have participated in the show and said, "CNR Eurasia Boat Show clears the way for domestic manufacturers by helping the growth of the industry's market share. By participating in the show alongside international companies, our domestic manufacturers find the opportunity to follow technological developments of foreign manufacturers closely. One of the most important contributions of our trade fair to our country is that the love of the sea is passed onto the next generations."
20% of our sales come from CNR Eurasia Boat Show”
CNR Eurasia Boat Show, the world's second largest exhibition in its field taking place at CNR Expo, will be open until March 3, Sunday. CNR Holding company Pozitif Fairs organizes the CNR Eurasia Boat Show in collaboration with the Turkish Marine Industry Association (DENTUR). The 45 meters long Numarine 45XP model, worth 102 million TL, is among the domestically produced boats displayed alongside the most prestigious megayachts of the world maritime industry at the Show. 
Reminding that domestic producers had more favorable pricing than foreign counterparts, Numarine Brand Manager Ali Tanır said: "We are a labor-intensive industry. When viewed from this point of view, we are producing with trained craftsmanship at an affordable price compared to the European manufacturers. One other reason we are favored is that we make customized production. Our production quality attracts the attention of foreigners as well as Turkish buyers. Our boat with a length of 45 meters offers a tremendous price advantage. The foreign models having the same quality and specs as our boats that we sell starting from 102 million TL in the show are sold for 150 million TL. We export 80 % of our production, 20 % of which is realized at CNR Eurasia Boat Show."
"Domestic production boats with 40% price advantage"
Bursa-based boat manufacturer Okan Oğuztürk indicated that the domestically produced boats were at least 40 percent more affordable and added, "Our local boats have a significant price advantage. There is a great interest in our motor yachts with a length of around 7 meters that we exhibit at CNR Eurasia Boat Show. The price of our yachts designed for families is 170 thousand TL. A foreign motor yacht with the same specs is not less than 250 thousand TL. We have as much, if not more, than our international counterparts. The interest in the show is very pleasing. CNR Eurasia Boat Show is of great importance to us; it is a must. Hasan Hüseyin Kalaycı, the owner of Anıl Marin, stated that they had exceeded the European standards and that they were delighted to see the interest of so many domestic and international buyers in Anıl Marin. Kalayci, reminiscent of intense interest from Norway and Cyprus this year, added, "Domestic interest is tremendous. By the first day of the show, we had already sold two boats to Rize. The interest from the Bodrum area was also huge. Our 8.09 WA model displayed in the show is ideal for families and was rightfully acclaimed by them. The price of the foreign counterpart of our boat, which we sell for 330 thousand TL, is 600 thousand TL."