• 16th International Boat Marine Equipment and Accessories Show
  • 17-24 December 2022
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Sea lovers will talk about their love for the sea

CNR Eurasia Boat Show, the first name that comes to mind when one mentions marine vehicles fair in Turkey, will once again present a chock-full of exciting activities to visitors. SEA TALKS will be one of the highlights of the show where business people, famous media faces and sea-lovers including Hülya Leigh and Mert Gökalp would be among the speakers.
Did not set foot on land for 25 days
Between 1998 and 2004, Hülya Leigh sailed the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and the rivers and canals on the eastern shores of the USA and crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice.
Hülya Leigh's unique experience of her 25 days she had lived on the ocean without setting foot on land was published in 2005 by Naviga Publishing as a book titled, A Turkish Girl Sailing on the Ocean. Apart from interviews, Leigh has written numerous articles published in Naviga Magazine and has translated four nautical books from English to Turkish.
Has the richest marine archive
Mert Gökalp, who currently works as an author & photographer for the Magma Magazine, has the richest underwater photography and video stock archive of the Eastern Mediterranean region in Turkey.
Since 2006, Gökalp has been working as a freelance photographer and video maker developing projects with various agencies around the world and with NGOs such as WWF, Slowfood, Greenpeace and UNDP. Gökalp who has four solo photo exhibitions has also worked in the documentaries screened on the Dutch VPRO TV and NT channels and İz TV and Yaban TV in Turkey.