• 17th International Boat Marine Equipment and Accessories Show
  • 14-18 June 2023
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CNR Eurasia Boat Show continues with all its glory

The biggest second boat and yacht exhibition in the world, CNR Eurasia Boat Show continues fascinating sea enthusiasts. Displaying products by more than 10 thousand brands, the exhibition makes it possible to find sea vehicles that suit every budget. Boats from 15 thousand TL to 40 million TL and sea toys from 100 thousand TL draw attention.
Find sea vehicles that suit every budget at this exhibition!
For 9 days, thousands of sea lovers from 7 to 70 will take part in the exhibition, where sea vehicles that suit every budget are available. While the most expensive boat of the exhibition costs 5.2 million Euro (around 40.000.000 TL), the cheapest one is 2.200 Euro (around 15.000 TL). The biggest boat of the exhibition, which is 100% local and 26 meters long, also draws great attention.
Manufactured with the latest technology, the boat is also the most silent boat of the exhibition. Sailing by not scaring marine animals, the boat is covered with inside-outside and outside-inside sound insulation. Standing out this year, sea toys which make you feel like flying over the sea and feel freer cost starting from 13.000 Euro (100.000 TL).